6-1 Discussion: Policing on American Indian Reservations Communications for Different Audiences

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6-1 Discussion: Policing on American Indian Reservations Communications for Different Audience

Policing in Indian Country is different than the typical policing we see on an everyday basis. The culture, geography, and economy affect how law enforcement officers do their job. For this discussion, you will identify the problems and challenges law enforcement officers face in Indian Country and explain how community policing may be applied to remedy these issues.

First, ensure that you have read the required resources for this module, specifically, the article Policing on American Indian Reservations.

In your initial post, you will discuss the American Indian reservation. In one paragraph, address the following:

  • Identify the problems and challenges that are prevalent on American Indian reservations.
  • Explain how the strategy of community policing may be applied to law enforcement on reservations. How may community policing address the problems and challenges? Are there any downfalls to utilizing community policing in Indian Country?

In your responses to two of your peers, identify any additional ways community policing may address the problems and challenges in Indian Country stated in their initial post. Explain how to address any downfalls of community policing that they have identified.

To complete this assignment, review the Discussion Rubric document.

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