CJ-112-J7904 Intro to Criminal Justice 23EW3-Module 2

By the end of this module, you will meet these learning objectives:

  • Explain how law enforcement communicates and functions
  • Explain the importance of policing in a democratic society

Module Overview

Last week, you learned about the importance of the rule of law. This week, you will apply the rule of law to law enforcement, one of the three components of the U.S. criminal justice system. You will focus on the evolution of law enforcement, civilian versus sworn roles, and other types of work that police perform.

Module at a Glance

This is the recommended plan for completing the reading assignments and activities within the module. Additional information can be found in the module Resources section and on the module table of contents page.

  1. Take the Check your Knowledge quiz to identify areas of strength and any gaps in your existing knowledge so you can focus your time and efforts more effectively as you move through this module.
  2. Complete the Roles and Functions of Law Enforcement tasks.
    1. Review the resources.
  3. Complete the Rule of Law and Policing tasks.
    1. Review the resources.
    2. Complete the discussion assignment.
  4. Complete the graded quiz at the end of this module to identify any gaps in your knowledge.
  5. Review the Module Three Assignment, which directly supports Project One.

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