Discussion Post IV: I’m seeing red?

We entertained the reality that color perception is not a physical property, but a psychophysical property—the world is not a colorful place, but we perceive it as colorful. We also introduced a hypothetical consideration: Imagine an alien from another universe; one with an entirely different anatomy and physiology for their visual mechanisms and brain. Their visual mechanisms do not respond to light the same way human cones do, and their brains decode signals differently than our own brains. How would you describe the color red to them with any degree of certainty that they understood your description? Assume that you are able to establish some form of communication with them, i.e., employing some method of providing a pattern of information (a signal meant to serve as some form of language) that could be detected by the alien somehow. As you approach this question, consider the benefit of the study of Sensation and Perception and what the science provides by way of a basis for our understanding of human perception, what it provides by way of the operational definitions that establish the words we employ, and how this contributes to a degree of certainty of the objective knowledge we share about perceiving the color red. You may also consider the option of entertaining and including what it would be like trying to describe the color red to an individual who has been blind their entire life. What obstacles would be similar? How might the process be more or less successful?

Reminder: Two (2) references in APA format are required. Please be mindful of the due date.

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