For this discussion board, you will develop an elevator pitch to your hospital CEO

For this discussion board, you will develop an \”elevator pitch\” to your hospital\’s CEO.

Watch How to Give the Perfect Elevator Pitch – Bplans Explains Everything

You will choose one of the following projects you would like the CEO to pursue and develop with the allocation of necessary resources:

  • Purchase of a new MRI machine
  • Catheterization laboratory
  • Daycare facility
  • Ambulatory care facility

Your initial discussion board post will be your \”elevator pitch\”. Your responses to your fellow students will be your feedback to them on their pitch with a focus on how they can improve their pitch to ensure the CEO sees the value proposition. The elevator pitch will be the subject of your Unit 9 Assignment.

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For this assignment you will put yourself in the role of a CEO of a health care facility and evaluate two pitches to determine where you should allocate resources.

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