health policy issue currently under consideration.

position paper on a health policy

For this class, you will be writing a position paper on a health policy. You must submit the chosen topic for approval.

Write a position paper on a health policy issue currently under consideration.

Write a position paper on a health policy issue currently under consideration.  Include a title page, reference page, introduction, and conclusion. Each body paragraph should be related to individual concepts with a depth of expansion on each topic presented. Remember only references that are actually used in the paper should be included on the reference page. Topics must relate to healthcare and be a piece of legislation currently being reviewed or a topic under current debate.

Include evidence such as statistics, research study findings, or data points to substantiate your claims from reputable sources.

The custom essay writing must include other positions and views. Example: the need for PPE, including the cost for equipment, cost of illness to employees, recycling of equipment, statistics related to cases, Federal Government resources available, possibly states with varying levels of cases, and so on.

Cite all sources appropriately using APA guidelines. Professional tone and style of writing is expected.

Do not make statements that are opinion-based without providing appropriate literature to support your views.

The paper should be 5-7  pages of content, excluding the title page and reference page. Abstract not needed. Include at least 5 references that should be reputable and non-bias.

  • Describe the current legislation related to the issue (needs to be a topic under review) What is the current piece of legislation look like, or what is the current issue being considered. Be sure to include your position but also other positions. Opposing positions should be spoken of with rebuttals.
  • What is the problem?  Describe the issue from various viewpoints.
  • Provide Evidence to support opinion- Use text, research journal articles from peer review sources, web-based sources from reputable sources (avoid blogs, Wiki pages or sites which stand to benefit from the information presented).
  • You will be using this research to formulate the content of your testimony presentation.

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