Unit 1: Discussion: What is the most interesting similarity between humans and Bonobos?


Respond to the questions below using the following guidelines:

  • Post your initial response by  Wednesday, 11:59 pm CT. (5 points)

    • Make sure that your response directly addresses the question.
  • Be sure that you respond to at least one (1) of your class members each week by Sunday.
  • You must enter the class discussion at least twice a week.

See Assignments and Grading for discussion assignment details and rubrics.

This Unit’s Discussion Prompt

  1. View Genius Insight- Human EvolutionLinks to an external site.
  2. Then respond to all the following (4) questions and add a quote from your text:
    1. What is the most interesting similarity between humans and Bonobos?
    2. What is the most interesting difference?
    3. Identify one example of something from this video program that would be accepted as scientific, rather than just one person’s personal opinion.
    4. How do you think the information in this video relates to our child psychology course?

Support your post by providing a quote from the textbook, with an APA-style citation to a specific page within the text. 



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Unit 1: Core Assessment Paper Overview

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