Unit 1: Video Discussion assignment help


Video discussions are designed to give you space to discuss any concepts you’d like from the readings and to engage in a lively discussion with your peers.


Create a one-minute video with these questions in mind:

  • What is on your mind related to this week’s readings? What stuck out to you?
  • How do the readings pertain to your own life?
  • What questions do you still have about this week’s topics, and what might you like to delve into further?

While you do not need to cite outside sources for the one-minute video discussions, it should be evident that you’ve completed the unit readings when listening to your videos (aka-don’t simply discuss topics from the first few pages of the chapter).

To Create/Upload a Video

You may use the Canvas video tool to create your video post and response by following the instructions provided in this quick Creating a Video Discussion ResponseLinks to an external site.


You may create a video using your own device and then submit using the insert media button. (See image below).



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